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Attorney Profile

After more than twenty years, Dan retired from the position of Windham County State's Attorney on October 1, 2007 having served more than 32 years in Vermont's criminal justice system.  Prior to serving as the county prosecutor, Dan was a member of the Vermont State Police serving more than eleven years. 

The breadth of Dan's experience provides him with a detailed understanding of Vermont's criminal justice system.  As a state trooper, not only did he investigate major motor vehicle violations but also major criminal cases.  He assisted with the investigation of many suspicious deaths, including several murder cases.  As a state’s attorney in a busy fast-paced office, Dan handled countless criminal prosecutions from the pre-trial stage through post-conviction matters.  Dan conducted well over one hundred jury trials, including nine murder trials. 

After taking time to travel, Dan came out of retirement in 2008 and resumed the practice of law.  Since his return, Dan's primary areas of practice have been criminal and DUI/DWI 
defense as well as personal injury and civil litigation.

                      Dan M. Davis
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